American Conference of Audioprosthology

Dedicated to Solving Hearing Problems

The American Conference of Audioprosthology (ACA) offers and supervises an upper division baccalaureate course of study specifically focused on the science and art of hearing instrument dispensing.  This rigorous and in depth course of study is designed for those professionals that desire to go beyond the minimal requirements of state licensing in order to solve hearing problems.

The ACA degree is not a mandatory level of certification
to dispense hearing aids. 

Those that pursue this level of Professional Certification are going far beyond the average requirements of any State Government.

Because of the significant expense, time committment and rigorous academic standards there is a only a very small percentage of practicing hearing aid dispensers to have made the effort to become certified Audioprosthologists in the United States. While an ACA degree does not guarantee customer satisfaction, it does guarantee that you are working with a professional trained far further than the average hearing problems specialist / clinician.  All of the Hearing Care Professionals at Optimal Hearing have a Doctorate in Audiology, are Audioprosthologists, taking the course or are engaged in meeting the requirements of entering the program to become an Audiosprosthologist.  

It is important to be highly educated and trained but at Optimal Hearing you are assured of the combination of educated and motivated professionals that are dedicated to solving hearing problems

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