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Hearing Tests & Hearing Aids Since 1961

We have been providing hearing tests & hearing aids for 50 years. We have grown steadily by attracting and keeping marvelous people that pursue excellence and listen. We all get it. We hear you. Our success is a direct result of our commitment to discovering and meeting your needs.

We Offer More Than Technology

Today’s hearing technology is truly incredible. But as good as it is, it is not just the plastic or the computer that will magically enable you to hear your loved ones.  It is the professional driving the technology, working with you personally, and who is available when you need them that is the critical component. People make it happen.  You will not find better people anywhere than the professionals at Optimal Hearing. See what our patients say.

Get your life back

Find the consultation and advice you need to get the hearing aid that fits your lifestyle. Contact one of our hearing care providers or find a location near you today.

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