why you should embrace hearing aids - optimal hearing

The new fad seems to be embracing your flaws, so why not embrace hearing aids! Not only do hearing aids improve how well you can hear, but they also improve your well-being.

“when people with even mild hearing loss use hearing aids, they often improve their job performance; enhance their communication skills; increase their earnings potential; improve their professional and interpersonal relationships; stave off depression; gain an enhanced sense of control over their lives; and better their quality of life”                                                                                           – BetterHearing.org

If that does not sway you into getting hearing aids, think about all of the benefits that could include being able to hear your loved ones better.

Over the years, hearing aid technology has been advancing. Here are some not well-known facts about modern-day hearing aids:

  • They are virtually invisible: many of the today’s hearing aids sit discreetly and comfortably inside the ear canal, providing both natural sound quality and easy use.
  • They automatically adjust to all kinds of soundscapes. Recent technological advances with directional microphones have made hearing aids far more versatile than ever before – and compatible for a broad range of sound environments.
  • You can enjoy water sports and sweat while wearing them. Waterproof digital hearing aids have arrived, this feature is built into some newly designed hearing aids for those concerned with water, humidity, and dust.
  • They work with smartphones, home entertainment systems and other electronics: wireless, digital hearing aids are now the norm. You can control them from your smartphone!
  • They’re always ready: a new rechargeable feature on newly designed hearing aids allows you to recharge your hearing aids every night, so they’re ready in the morning. You do not have to deal with small batteries anymore!

Sometimes it is hard to tell when you need hearing aids. Here are some tips that can be useful in determining if you need hearing aids:

  • Complain that people are mumbling when they speak
  • Frequently ask people to repeat what they are saying
  • Put the television or radio are volumes are uncomfortable to the people around you
  • Have trouble hearing at the movies, restaurants, or other noisy places
  • Become impatient, irritable, frustrated, withdrawn
  • Have trouble hearing on the phone
  • Have trouble hearing when people speak softly

After determining that you need hearing aids, the next step is to get checked out by an audiologist. They will figure out to what extent you do or do not have hearing loss and give you options of the different hearing aids.