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These are the people that make us who we are, and our reason for keeping our doors open for 55 years and 3 generations (so far).

Katherine Reagan From Tucker, GA: Katherine Reagan“My husband and I discovered Optimal Hearing® because my elderly parents were happy with their local office in Savannah, GA. When my husband needed hearing aids, he decided to give the local Optimal Hearing® office in Tucker a try. My husband met Shelley and was impressed with the testing, fitting and service. Now several years later, my parents have moved here to assisted living and use Shelley at Optimal Hearing®. If Dad’s aids stop up or Mom breaks a door on her “old” hearing aids, I can drop them off with Leslie, and Shelley will fix them that afternoon or by the next morning. In fact, I just recently purchased hearing aids, and my 95 year old father often offers to go with me to my appointments just to see Shelley, who is so friendly and patient with him. I am sure I could have found adequate hearing aids at any of the places some of my friends use today, but I have come to trust Shelly and Leslie. They can’t be nicer, and their service is top notch, and that is truly hard to find these days.”

Chris D From Roswell, GA: Chris D.“Kathy is the real deal. Without her help over the last decade, I’d be “up the creek without a paddle.” My hearing has progressively deteriorated since my days in the Army and Kathy has worked tirelessly with me to create sound hearing solutions to meet my changing needs. What I really appreciate is Kathy’s willingness to go the extra mile when something goes awry. From arranging for “loaner” hearing aids when mine are in the shop to patiently reprogramming them whenever the need arises, Kathy is a terrific example of what great customer service is all about.”

Tommy From Atlanta, GA: Tommy“When we got home with my new hearing aids, I could hear my wife. After a short while she started crying and crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said, “You hear me!” Truth be known, I started crying then too.”

Christopher S. From Buckhead, GA: “While I basically knew I could not hear some things that people around me could hear, I did not realize how much I was not hearing. When I initially contacted Lee, he set up a testing appointment just a few days later and wham. Lee and Shelley made me very comfortable from the first moment and explained everything of how the test would be done and then detailed answers of the results. They explained all of the options available. They don’t double book appointments so I never felt like someone was tapping their foot behind me for me to get out of the way. Their expertise and professionalism made at least one “getting older” moment easier to handle. I like my new ears.”

Tim V. From Roswell, GA: “After many years of hearing difficulty, I am finally hearing much better with the new hearing aids! I no longer need to read lips and no longer have to ask, ‘What did you say’, or ‘Talk a little louder please.’”

Al Simpson From Summerville, SC: “The eLens has really given me my hearing and life back. I am able to be around people in any circumstance and feel comfortable and confident that I know I am hearing everything. Feel like the Bionic Man!”

Joan O.: “These things are the best thing since sliced bread!”

Jimmy Cribb: Jimmy Cribb“At first I wasn’t aware how much my hearing had decreased. My family kept telling me I needed to have my hearing checked. I knew it was getting more difficult to hear my grandchildren. I found out about Optimal Hearing® from Coach Dan Reeves. He told me to come to Shelly and Candice. They would take care of my problem. After being tested, I could not believe the difference in my hearing. I have been wearing my hearing aids for 4 months and I don’t know how I ever got by without them. And most important I hear my grandkids now.”

Bill: Bill“I’m writing to you about Mike in your Bluffton office. He is truly the definition of a Professional. I’ll skip most of the details but I had seen an ENT who referred me to one of your competitors. I was fitted with a single hearing aid which I returned a month later. Then I was lucky enough to find Mike.
I had been suffering with a severe case of tinnitus for about six months. My wife and I both went to see Mike. He spent nearly two hours with us. He did the testing and explained everything in great detail. I have significant hearing loss in my right ear and moderate loss in the left. His level of knowledge and ability to communicate the problem as well as the solution left your competitor in the dust. Not to mention that he is a genuinely nice person who really cares about his clients.
Mike fit me with two of your Oh! 7 Series hearing aids. He programmed them perfectly with two modes the first time. He let me know exactly what to expect and he was right. I’ve been back for two follow up visits. He made the adjustments he predicted I would want and I could not be happier. The tinnitus is nearly gone and it is amazing to really hear again.
He really changed my life and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am.”

Patricia T.: Patricia T.“I am so thrilled with my new hearing aids from Optimal Hearing®. I can hear everything in church – the gospel and the sermon.”

Nancy S. From Bluffton, SC: “I started wearing hearing aids in 1986. What I love about these hearing aids is that I can’t even feel them. I am hearing like normal and it’s like I’m not even hearing impaired. There is very little maintenance.”

Lisa D. From Roswell, GA: Lisa D.“I wanted to thank you so very much for all of your help and support. It means so much today to have such a caring person who loves helping others.
My husband thanks you (he thinks he is getting the best deal since he does not have to shout any more) but I thank you most of all. I can finally hear and experience all the sounds I have missed for so long!
If I know others in need I will send them straight to Barb!
Thanks again for a wonderful experience – I appreciate you so much!”

Kelly S. From Alpharetta, GA: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Barb! Just want to let you know how thankful I am that Ryan has had you helping him with his hearing aid and hearing problem- you are an Angel! You go above and beyond when you not only help him but care about getting the best outcome for him. You are much appreciated and I wish you the best!”

Roberta B. From Summerville, SC: “I wanted to hear my family around the house. Now after seeing the people at Optimal Hearing® I am even hearing in crowds. I never thought I could hear like this again.”

William D. From Charleston, SC: “I am well pleased with my new hearing aids from Optimal Hearing®. There is no comparison to other hearing aids I have used. They produce a more natural sound and they somehow control background noise. Also, they are so comfortable I forget that I am wearing them. I recommend them to everyone having a hearing problem.”

Maxine F. From Summerville, SC: “It is a pleasure being a client of Optimal Hearing®. The hearing test you gave me was the most thorough test I have ever received. You explained everything so clearly and simply that I really feel like I understand it for the first time. No one has ever taken the time and shown me the patience that you have given me from the very beginning.
I have had hearing aids for years but I never worn them. I never felt like they helped me. But I hear so much better with my new ones from you that I wear them all the time and this makes my husband very happy. I appreciate everything you and Betsy have done for me and my family.”

Stew N. From Summerville, SC: “I would like to thank you for introducing me to the new aid from Optimal Hearing®. This aid is the most superior aid I have ever used. It is nice to be able to understand the children on my school bus route. Prior to these aids from you it was impossible to understand them. Thanks again.”

Clifton B. From Summerville, SC: “For over forty years I was unable to find a satisfactory hearing aid. Recently I visited Optimal Hearing® Clinic in Summerville, SC. The results are wondrous. The specialist tuned the hearing aids to my needs. It seemed like everywhere else I had been, they were there for their needs and not to really help me. Optimal Hearing® listened. He heard my frustration and directed his energy to relieving my problems. Now I can hear comfortably in loud situations and now I even understand female voices in a moving car! Even the song birds have returned for me.”

Edna T. From Summerville, SC: “Optimal Hearing® is a great team. I have had a very good relationship with them from the very start. They are always helpful and willing to go over something with me, just one more time. I have not had any problem the office has not cheerfully taken care of. I started with Shelley and she was a lovely young lady who knew what she was doing. Now she is with Optimal Hearing® in Atlanta.”

Hoyt B. From Summerville, SC: “Several years after my retirement from the Air Force, my hearing started to become noticeably diminished. It kept getting worse and to understand anything on TV was almost impossible. But I kept putting it off. Finally my wife said, “I am tired of you asking me what I just said!” One day I saw a testimonial for Optimal Hearing® by coach Dan Reeves, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons (and my favorite coach), extolling the effectiveness of his new device from Optimal Hearing®. I figured if Dan Reeves said it was good then it had to be good. I arranged for a hearing test at Optimal Hearing® and it turned out coach Reeves was right. I can enjoy TV and understand what my wife says the first time. Thanks to Optimal Hearing® I am hearing and have a happy wife again!”

Eleanor F. From Summerville, SC: “I do not think I thanked you enough for seeing me without an appointment last Monday. You made a simple repair without any charge, and were very happy to accommodate me. As I am 74 years old, you are very kind and understanding. I purchased my hearing aids on October 22, 2005 over 5 years ago. Optimal Hearing® has given me excellent service and has never charged me anything.
I can highly recommend Optimal Hearing® to my friends.”

Bob Willet From New York Mets: “I want to thank you for your professionalism, knowledge and caring. I was very frustrated with the new hearing aids I purchased last year from (another place) and angry with the people there. Then meeting you this year was the best thing that happened to me.
You were much more concerned about me and turned a negative situation into a positive one. My hearing is great now. Thanks again.”

Corson S. From Bluffton, SC: “I’m very satisfied with the performance I am getting with these hearing aids – much better than I thought they would be. They are comfortable and don’t require a lot of maintenance.”

Elizabeth P. From Savannah, GA: “The thing I enjoy hearing most is the church service. It is great to hear again! People don’t realize how important it is to hear until they lose it.”

Anonymous: “The service here has not ended with the sale. I got my hearing aids long ago here in Summerville. Whether I have come in for as small an exchange as to buy some batteries or a complete retest and reprogramming, they have always greeted me with a smile and improved my hearing. I tell all of my friends to see Optimal Hearing® because they are genuinely interested in me and my hearing. I can hear on my cell phone now through BlueTooth!”

Bill P.: “Mr Richard Pitt, President of Optimal Hearing®:
I cannot over praise Michael for his efforts to find a solution to my hearing problems. We tried three different types of aids.
I would not hesitate to recommend to my friends that Michael is the one to go to for hearing problems.”

Helen G.: “Dear Mr. Pitt, At the age of 84, I decided I had a need to hear well. My hearing loss had grown to a point that I could no longer hear announcements at church, had a hard time hearing the sermon, and had a hard time talking to other people because many times I could not understand what was being said to me.
I saw an advertisement for Optimal Hearing® and made an appointment in Woodstock, GA. I am pleased to tell you that my experience with Bill in the Woodstock office has been a blessing. He has been so very supportive and helpful in my transition to hearing aids.

I began with just one hearing aid in my right ear. I was a little skeptical at first and thought I shouldn’t spend too much money until I found out if I could wear a hearing aid comfortably. I found that I depended on it so much that I decided this year to get one for my left ear. One of the main reasons I made that decision was that I wanted more balanced hearing. Bill worked with me on my terms — he never pushed me to make a decision until I was ready. I have never had such wonderful service. If I have a question, all I have to do is call and I get a quick answer. My appointments are always enjoyable and I have grown to think of Bill as a friend who will take good care of me and attend to any problem I might have swiftly. He trained me well in cleaning my hearing aids, replacing batteries and in taking the hearing aids in and out of my ears. I am a very satisfied and happy customer. It has been such a good experience I have recommended Optimal Hearing® in Woodstock to my friends.

Thank you for such a good product, such good service, and trained individuals that know how to treat any person, elderly or otherwise, with kindness and respect.”

Steve D. From Roswell, GA: “I’m writing to sing the praises of Optimal Hearing®’ Barb in the Roswell, Georgia office. I am essentially deft in my right ear and the left one is very dependent on a hearing aid. Not being able to clearly hear and understand sounds coming from the right used to be very frustrating to me and to those with whom I was attempting to communicate. However, ever since Barb encouraged me to upgrade to a ReSound hearing aid and especially the ReSound remote microphone, wow, what a game changer! I simply place it near those I’m speaking with, or clip it on my right sleeve and I’m good to go. For the first time in years, my wife and I can enjoy a normal conversation while driving in the car; and socializing with friends is so much easier, even in nosy environments. Thank you Barb for ignoring my initial skepticism and insisting I give it a try.
You’re the best! And P.S., my wife wants to thank you for making her life easier too.”

Edith W. from Vidalia: “I would rather do without my car than my hearing aids. Optimal Hearing has opened up a whole new world for me.”

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