Why should you stop going on vacations because you have hearing aids? Answer: you shouldn’t. Summertime is approaching in a few weeks, which means it is time to adventure to the beach and spend the majority of your day outdoors. Hearing aids do not stop you from doing anything, they just require a little bit of care. Let’s talk about how to care for your hearing aids on vacation.


While vacationing with your hearing aids, you need to remember three things: protect, clean, and power.


Protect: When not using your hearing aids, like during swimming or in the sauna, place them in a case or in the charger. This eliminates misplacing the hearing aids. On vacation, we tend to get out of routine and are not in our everyday homes. So having a carrying case, can ensure that you can find your hearing aids. Make sure you power your hearing aids off when placing them in a case so the battery does not drain and feedback does not occur. Another way to protect your hearing aids is to leave them out of the sun. Hearing aids get damaged when left in extreme heat. This causes the internal potion of the aid to deteriorate, and the devices will stop working. Wearing a hat can help shade the hearing aids if you wear them outdoors on especially sunny days.  


Clean: It is natural with the warmer weather that you will sweat more. Newer hearing aids are pretty good at keeping the moisture out, however, it is still up to you to clean your devices daily. Cleaning involves wiping down the hearing aid with a cloth and letting them dry naturally. Never wash hearing aids to clean them or attempt to dry them by using excessive heat, such as a blow dryer. This will cause major damage. 


Power: As with all electronics, remember your chargers when you travel! Whether your hearing aids take batteries or a charger, you want to make sure you have them so that you do not spend your vacation struggling with communication. Additional accessories to think about bringing on your vacation would be assistive listening devices, domes, and wax guards. Along with remembering to bring these accessories on your trip, make sure you remember to bring them home too! 


Enjoy your vacations with your hearing aids. When packing and on your trip remember, protect, clean, and power to ensure you get the most out of your communication. If you or a loved one are having ear or hearing difficulty, please contact your local audiologist or hearing care professional today!