A stigma is defined as “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.” So why is there a negative stigma of hearing loss?

A lot of older people believe that wearing hearing aids has a negative stigma, and those who wear them will be seen as inadequate among their peers. The fear of appearing “old” deters many people from receiving the quality treatment they need.

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, of adults who would benefit from wearing hearing aids, only 16 percent have tried them. Majority of people have never even considered wearing hearing aids until their hearing loss was unmanageable and affecting day-to-day activities. Untreated hearing loss is associated with a lower quality of life and may lead to early depression, social isolation, and a decreased work efficiency. Difficulty in communication hinders people with suffering from hearing loss, causing them to experience negativity in everyday situations.

Hearing Loss Stigma

How to Overcome the Stigma of Hearing Loss

  1. Make a consultation appointment with your local hearing aid specialist.
  2. Let your loved ones and co-workers understand your current situation.
  3. Be patient with yourself, you’re on your way to better hearing!

The good news is that there is plenty of research and well-qualified hearing professionals that can assist you in getting the help you need. For more information, schedule an appointment!

Statistics on Hearing Loss: