Rechargeable Batteries – The Truth Behind The Technology

Rechargeable batteriesOptimal Hearing® has always acknowledged the limitations that battery life has had on hearing technology and convenience. However, recent manufacturers and storefronts have begun introducing “Rechargeable Hearing Aids” into the market.  While this may seem like an attractive option to some, it is important to understand why most major manufacturers have not jumped on the rechargeable bandwagon just yet.

The truth is, rechargeable batteries are unable to perform at a level high enough to power our advanced technology (background noise suppression, binaural directionality, Smart Phone connectivity, etc.) on a consistent basis. The voltage on a rechargeable battery tends to fluctuate, and can cause the advanced features to shut down, lose connectivity, or otherwise lessen the genuine improvements in hearing that our patients deserve.

Why do other companies offer rechargeable batteries as an option, then? The simple answer is their instruments do not have the functionality or capabilities that ours do. One could easily run a cheap lawnmower on sub-par gasoline and get the expected results – sputtering engines and tons of smoke and noise. However, Optimal Hearing System’s technology requires a high-octane battery that enables the technology to be delivered on a timely, consistent basis, without unexpected pauses or lags.

While we are eagerly awaiting advancements in battery technology, Optimal Hearing® is not willing to sacrifice the quality of our patients’ hearing for technology that simply is not up to our standards.

Don’t take our word for it. There has been much research on the topic. Please click the link below for more information.

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Hearing Aid Batteries: Rechargeable or not?


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