Georgia Hearing Day Resolution Adopted

Hearing Approved By Georgia Assembly who voted to stand with the Georgia Society of Hearing Professionals to help you to better hearing.

It is with great pleasure that Optimal Hearing announces Monday, March 19th, 2018 as Georgia Hearing Day, as recognized by the Georgia State General Assembly. By adopting House Resolution 1222, the General Assembly voted to stand with the proud professionals of the Georgia Society of Hearing Professionals, to raise awareness of the need to take control of your hearing health and trust a local professional to help you along the path to better hearing.

that the members of this body advise the citizens of Georgia to protect their hearing and seek the services of a licensed hearing healthcare professional – a hearing aid specialist, audiologist, or otolaryngologist – for regular hearing checks and recognize March 19, 2018, as Georgia Hearing Day at the state capitol.”

If the two seemingly opposite political parties can get together to recognize the need for proactive hearing health, then shouldn’t we all do likewise? If these two polar opposites can agree that the best path toward better hearing includes the involvement of a licensed hearing professional, and no political wrangling or horse trading was needed, then should we all be getting our hearing tested once a year?

Hearing Approved By Georgia Assembly

Optimal Hearing would like to especially thank Rep. Spencer Frye, of Athens, Georgia for sponsoring the legislation, as well as the professional men and women at the Georgia Society of Heraing Professionals for their diligence in ensuring the citizens of Georgia are taken care of.

Hearing Approved By Georgia Assembly

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