Billy Pitt left Kentucky in 1961 with a shoe box full of leads, and a desire to dedicate himself to helping the hearing impaired of his soon-to-be home of Savannah, Georgia.  He spent thirty years instilling the value of customer service into those who followed in his footsteps in the hearing industry. We have no way of knowing if he thought what was started almost 60 years ago would develop into the leader it has grown to be throughout Georgia and South Carolina, but we do know that his legacy lives on through each patient that is helped by our close-knit network of hearing care providers.

“Popie” as he was fondly known to both his friends and family, had a gift when it came to interacting with people.  He knew when to listen, and when to speak.  Later in life, as he became more and more dependent upon the hearing services he had provided himself for years, he depended upon his son and grandchildren to provide him with the level of care and service that he himself once provided.

Billy’s legacy lives on not only through the generations of professionals that that enter the Optimal Hearing family after him, but also through the experiences and joy that the gift of hearing is able to give those who seek to keep their loved ones close to them through that most human of all the senses:  listening.