A Tribute to our Founder, Father, Grandfather, and Mentor on Founder’s Day

‘Tis the season, they tell us. The season when families and friends gather round to celebrate and remember the year behind, and the year to come. While this has been a bittersweet year for us at Optimal Hearing, having lost our Founder, Billy “Popie” Pitt, in the spring, we wanted to do something as a team to remember the legacy he has left behind.

We decided as a company, each in our own way, to find something we could do to give back to the communities which have given us so much. Though it’s not much, it’s the least we could do to honor the man who founded the company we have grown to love so dearly.

Each one of us took time out of our day to give back in our own unique way. Though we give back to our patients as much as we can, serving the community in a concerted effort, while being mindful of the impact the individual can have on our immediate community, has a meaning that lives and breathes at the heart of each of us at Optimal Hearing.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Athens Community Council on Aging

Founder's Day Lions Tribute in Athens

Nick and Sharon spent the morning speaking, laughing, calling bingo, and enjoying arts and crafts with the “Active Aging” members of the Athens Community Council on Aging.

Founder’s Day Pampering Southern Style in Savannah

Founder's Day Lions Tribute in Savannah

The Savannah crew spent the afternoon giving manicures and delivering hand-made beaded necklaces to the residents of Buckingham South. They even found the time to play with the local mascot.

Atlanta Crew Helps the Lions

Founder's Day Lions Tribute in Savannah

The Atlanta crew spent the day helping the Lion’s Lighthouse sort, clean, and test various hearing aids, eyeglasses, and other instruments. Optimal Hearing looks forward to working more closely with the Lion’s Club in the near future. Be on the lookout for an exciting announcement.

Meals on Wheels in Charleston

Founder's Day Meals on Wheels Tribute

Founder's Day Meals on Wheels Tribute

Everyone knows Charleston is famous for its delicious fare. However, there are many folks in the area who are in need of help in getting basic meals, so our Charleston crew spent the morning preparing and delivering meals to the residents of Summerville.