The new year is always a good time to start something new, so let’s start off 2021 by making your hearing a priority.

Welcome to 2021! The new year is always a good time to start something new, so let’s start off 2021 by making your hearing a priority. As we know hearing is very detrimental to everyday life and health. Many people tend to overlook their hearing loss due to being able to compensate for it by reading lips or turning up the volume on devices.

Reading lips and turning up the volume are subconscious actions that you may not notice until someone says “are you looking at my lips?” or “why is the volume so loud?”.

According to here are ten signs that you could have hearing loss:

  1.   People seem to be mumbling
  2.   You can’t hear in restaurants
  3.   You avoid social gatherings
  4.   Conversations are exhausting
  5.   You can’t hear on the telephone
  6.   Television is a struggle
  7.   You can’t hear your grandkids (or individuals with high-pitched voices)
  8.   Your relationships are strained
  9.   Your ears feel clogged
  10.  You are just not yourself

So you think you have hearing loss, what next?

The next step would be to find an audiologist or Hearing Care Professional. At your appointment, the professional will go over your medical history related to hearing. They will then perform a series of tests in and out of the testing booth to determine if you have hearing loss or not. The professional will explain and go over the results of all the testing. If you have hearing loss, they will then talk about your options like hearing aids, assistive listening devices, or auditory training.

If you do not suspect you have hearing loss but want to care for your hearing here are some ways you can do so:

Avoid loud noises

Whether you are at work, sporting events or your car be conscious of the levels you are exposed to. Measure your environment and see what tasks you do that are the noisiest.

Take care when listening to music

It is suggested to not listen to music through headphones for more than an hour at a time. Every hour you are supposed to give your ears a five-minute break.

Protect your hearing during loud events and activities

The best way to practice this tip is when at a sporting event or concert, try to sit away from speakers.

Take precautions at work

If you are exposed to loud sounds at work, you should notify your employer. They can provide you with appropriate hearing protection.

Get your hearing tested

If you have normal hearing, there is no need for you to frequently get your hearing tested. However, if you notice a change in your hearing, it would be important for you to go get tested.

Let’s start out 2021 right and make your hearing a priority!