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Affordable Hearing Aids in Atlanta/Buckhead, GA

At our Atlanta Buckhead office we offer hearing aids in a variety of styles and prices. Our office is located at 3495 Piedmont Rd Building 11, Suite 121 in Atlanta, GA 30305. As soon as you enter our doors or talk to one of representatives on the phone you will notice the Optimal Promise.

Optimal Hearing, Proven and Verified. We have been providing quality audiology services since 1961. Our Buckhead office provides hearing recommendations for your specific hearing loss, in depth hearing evaluations, and the most cutting edge hearing technology on the market. Our audiologists in our Buckhead office have had top quality training on emerging technology in the hearing industry. We at Optimal we believe in top quality service and expect every customer of ours to come to us for all their audiology needs. This is why we offer lifetime complimentary service and follow up on all our hearing devices.

In addition to top quality hearing aids and service we bring the following additional value to our patients:

  • Comprehensive 30 day trial period
  • Comprehensive Warranties
  • Lifetime complimentary service and follow-up

If you have even the slightest concern of hearing loss or have noticed a decline in your hearing please contact our office to make an appointment. Our hearing professionals in Buckhead will conduct a free hearing screening and provide you with recommendations if a loss is discovered.

The objective of Optimal Hearing is to be the most skilled doctors, audiologists, technicians and specialists in the hearing aid industry. Our office regularly receives training on hearing health, audiology, and customer service from the top experts in the field.

To show their dedication to you our Buckhead staff has signed an oath to the hearing impaired. This oath lives and breathes throughout Optimal Hearing and guides our decisions. Upon your visit at our Buckhead office ask our staff about this oath and discover the Optimal Difference for yourself.

Our Buckhead office can be accessed on both E Paces Ferry Rd and Pharr Rd. This location specializes in full service hearing care including Cerumen Management (the removal of cerumen from the ear canal and outer ear), Hearing Assessments, all types of mild hearing loss  and severe hearing loss.

It’s warm, friendly atmosphere will have you hearing better than you’ve heard in years.

Learn More About Hearing Loss

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Optimal Hearing Atlanta is located in Buckhead and provides access to affordable hearing aids close to home.