As the new year rolls in, there is no better feeling than self-improvement whether it’s in the workplace or at home. Hearing resolutions for the New Year lead to living healthier, embracing life, and utilizing advanced hearing technology to your advantage is something we here at Optimal Hearing want you to achieve this year.

1. Eat healthier

Healthy eating will not only make you feel better but will improve your skin and hair, control your weight, and urge you to make positive lifestyle choices for you and your family.

2. Connect with loved ones

Maybe you have been consumed with work these past couple years or maybe you might have become distant to those who you were once close to. Take this year to rekindle your relationships with family and loved ones.

3. Be open to new activities

Whatever you have always wanted to do, this is the perfect time to try it. This applies to anything and everything your heart desires but in terms of hearing, pinpoint activities such as telephone conversations or social interactions that you have a difficult time with an appointment with a hearing health professional can easily solve your day-to-day issues.

4. Embrace Technology and use it to your advantage

As mentioned before, there are many people struggling with the same hearing problems you do. With today’s fast-paced technology, you can utilize it in many ways. For example, recently, smartphone streaming is compatible with many hearing aids now. This change can assist you in phone calls, staying alert, and watching videos.

5. Achieve your work goals

Many people who struggle with hearing loss also have trouble at work communicating with their colleagues and bosses, and studies have shown that hearing loss leads to an overall decrease in income. In a survey of 40,000 U.S. households, there are an estimated $12,000 dollars lost due to hearing loss.

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