Hearing loss in the workplace is not only an inconvenience but it also can be hazardous in your work environment.

Hearing is an essential component to any workplace – whether you work in service, medical, business or any other industry, hearing loss can not only be an inconvenience to you but also to your work environment. Communication becomes difficult and it can lead to unintentionally damaging relationships with colleagues. Surveys found those with untreated hearing loss can experience around $20,000 in lost income. While every workplace is different in terms of noise level, there are still necessary measures to ensure that your hearing doesn’t worsen over time. Employers nowadays are willing to work with their employees who have moderate to severe hearing loss, but the first step is to have your hearing evaluated by a healthcare professional.

How Hearing Loss Affects Your Work Productivity

Individuals may feel isolation and difficulty having simple conversations. Conflicts arising from miscommunication can occur, leading to confusion. Conversations are awkward at times, important deadlines are missed, and collaboration with others is just too exhausting when neither of you is on the same page. In a few cases, hearing loss can also lead to danger in the workplace e.g. falling, dropping objects. Physical and social difficulties from hearing loss are frequent, and you can prevent that with the help of a healthcare professional.

Tips for Effective Communication in the Workplace

  • Don’t slur your words, speak clearly
  • Focus on non-verbal communication: smiling, nodding, and eye-contact
  • Be mindful of others and avoid talking over them
  • Create a positive workplace for yourself and others, don’t discourage yourself from joining in on conversations

Collaborating Workers, Hearing loss in the workplace

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