Online Hearing Test

Online Hearing Test

If you’re wondering if you have any hearing loss, but just can’t find the time to schedule a consultation with one of our hearing care professionals, then perhaps you should try our Online Hearing Test.  You may click this link to begin our online hearing test.

Although we believe an in-person consultation and otoscopic (looking in your ear) evaluation is the best course of action prior to determining if hearing aids are right for you or a loved one, our revolutionary Online Hearing Test can help determine if the next steps need to be taken for you or your loved ones.

How does it work?

You will need to be in a quiet space, with headphones connected to your smart phone, tablet, or computer.  You’ll hear a series of beeps and tones, each presented at calibrated frequencies, to determine how well you hear at different frequencies.  Please note, this is not a medically valid hearing test, but it is a great first step.

Click here to begin the online hearing test

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