How often should your hearing be checked?

How often should you get your hearing checked?

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It’s a question most of us probably don’t think about often if ever. However, many of us only begin to think about this question when we find yourself straining to hear during conversations, or you start having pain or buzzing in your ears, then we believe it is time to get checked. But in reality, you should be thinking about your hearing health much sooner than when problems arise.

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Stats Source

Over Age 65

About 30% of people over age 65 have some type of hearing loss


About 14% of people between 45 and 64 also have hearing loss


As do about 8 million people between ages 18 and 44

It’s important to begin a regular hearing testing schedule to establish your hearing baseline and to start checking your hearing early in life. While it’s more common for hearing loss to occur with age, it still can arise at any point in time.

Also, If you have a higher risk of hearing loss— due to working or living in a place with a large degree of external noise—you should plan to get your hearing tested annually.

All adults over the age of 60 should get their hearing tested to establish a baseline soon as possible!

The last time the majority of adults had their hearing checked was in grade school as part of general wellness program. If that is the last time you received a hearing exam and you are over 60 years of age you should set an appointment to establish your hearing baseline. Getting a hearing test is not a scary process and is simply a comfortable environment to learn about hearing and what options are available should you require help.

Please take the first steps to better hearing and find out what you might be missing. Please contact us today to establish your baseline.

How often should you test your hearing?

Based upon data from the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals hearing test frequency should be based upon age if no other major concern is present.

If you’re 18 to 45 years of age

5 Yr.

get your hearing tested every 5 years

If you’re 45 to 60 years of age

3 Yr.

get your hearing tested every 3 years

If you’re over the age of 60

2 Yr.

get your hearing tested every 2 years

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