Navigating the World of Hearing Aids and Insurance

Attempting to navigate the world of insurance can be tricky. Every year the policies change. Every year the providers change. Every year many insurance companies say they have an insurance benefit for hearing aids, but more often than not, trying to find a provider you trust, in your network, is next to impossible.

In many states, Georgia and South Carolina included, Medicare does not pay anything towards hearing aids. However, there are some Medicare supplements that can provide assistance towards hearing aids and hearing health related services. Let us check your coverage for you, so you don’t have to. Our specialists perform these tasks several times a day, and we understand the language of insurance companies.

At Optimal Hearing we understand that it can be frustrating to deal with insurance companies. You don’t have to cut through their red tape, as we will do everything we can to maximize your benefit.

Buyer Beware

There are several companies that have partnered with many insurance companies that offer “Deep Discounts” and other gimmicks that are disguised as insurance benefits. Please do not be fooled by these “plans.” Many of these plans are basically mail ordered hearing aids that are another way for the insurance companies to make a profit off of their policy-holders. Not only do they offer a “discount hearing aid” but they also own the companies that sell these “hearing aids.” More often than not, these bargain hearing aids do not meet the needs of their patients, and the “savings” are wasted because the hundreds or thousands of dollars spent are thrown into a desk drawer because the patient did not receive the expert service of a trained hearing professional.

No Substitute For Expert Care

We highly recommend consulting with a licensed, independent insurance professional to discuss your Medicare needs. Just like your Optimal Hearing Specialist, an Independent Agent can help you navigate this tricky realm and ensure you maximize the value of the insurance plans in front of you. Click the link below to be directed to a very useful resource for locating an independent agent.

The only way to truly hear the difference is to visit a trained hearing professional in your area. At Optimal Hearing, we have over 20 locations throughout Georgia and South Carolina. Ask us all of your questions. We’ve been doing this for 3 generations and over 5 decades! Obviously we’re doing something right.