Summer is a very exciting time of the year to be outside, travel, spend time with family, and get laps in at the pool! But some people may fear their hearing aids and how to make sure they can maintain them during humid days or even at the pool. These are some tips for maximizing your summer fun while taking care of your hearing aids. 

It is important to know that the majority of hearing aids on the market are not waterproof they are usually water resistant. This means a hearing aid is designed to withstand a light shower or light sweat. They are not designed to be fully submerged in the water. Which can make pool days or time at the ocean difficult!


On really humid days or generally in the summer it is best to keep your hearing aids in a dehumidifier. Some hearing aids come with this, or it is available to purchase. If you tend to be sweaty in the summer or even every day it s also recommended you use a dehumidifier. 

Keeping your device(s) in the dehumidifier will prevent the microphones or battery packs from experiencing any issues. It is important to make sure you are using a dehumidifier that is made especially for hearing aids. Talk to your hearing care professional before purchasing any dehumidifier. 

A dehumidifier will not be able to prevent damage to a fully submerged hearing aid. 

Pool/Ocean :

Again, keep in mind that hearing devices are generally not waterproof. Bringing them in or near a body of water may be risky. If you bring your hearing aids to the beach please be aware that sand particles can also damage the device. The sand can lodge itself in difficult to clean places and can impact the microphones or other pieces of the device. Bring a case with you to store your devices when you go near the water! 


Should you have any questions about caring for or maintaining your devices contact your local hearing care professional!