Hearing Aid Features

What hearing aid features should you look for?

Knowing more about the hearing aid options available to you is invaluable.

Perhaps you’ve thought about the different kinds of hearing aids. You’re worried about how they look and wonder whether they can really help. Knowing more about the hearing aid options available to you, but having a cooperative professional who thoroughly understands the technology and your specific hearing loss demands, is invaluable. For this you can always count on Optimal Hearing® to be your trusted hearing aids selection guide.

What hearing aid features are available and from where?

Six large multinational manufacturers control the lion’s share of the global hearing aid market. Most of them sell multiple brands of hearing aids, but all promote their highest-performing premium hearing aids under their leading brand names.

The major hearing aid manufacturers are:

  • Oticon (William Demant Holding)
  • Starkey Laboratories
  • Phonak (Sonova Holding)
  • ReSound (GN Store Nord)
  • Widex
  • Siemens (Siemens Hearing Instruments)

Short of having unlimited time and an engineering degree to understand the differences in the different products you will still require a competent professional to help you select and then fit the selection appropriately.

You will get more benefit from careful selection of the hearing care professional than you will get from the technology, as the hearing care professional drives the technology.

Give him or her the best technology you can afford and help them help you make them perform!

  • Knowledgeable staff – comfort w/office
  • Available when you need help
  • State of the art equipment for testing and fitting
  • Testing provided before, during and after a fitting to maximize benefits
  • The support of family and/or friends – bring someone with you for a second pair of ears
  • And the latest hearing aid technology

If you are interested in getting this process started, contact us or visit one of our locations for a free baseline hearing screening.

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