Hearing Aid Technology

Getting Connected

Our job at Optimal Hearing® is to scour the world for hearing aids technology that improves hearing. We recently attended an international symposium and found ground-breaking hearing aid technology that makes it difficult to call these new instruments “hearing aids”, as they break all previously held stereotypes.

Recent developments in nanoscience have spilled over into the hearing aid research and development laboratories. The impact is that there are new instruments that actually mimic the natural sound selection hearing processes of the human ear more faithfully than anything before. It was very difficult for the Optimal Hearing® trial participants to call these instruments, “hearing aids”, as they are so very different from anything they have ever experienced.

Breakthrough Hearing Aid Technology

Getting Connected

The laboratory claimed their researchers had developed new hearing technology so unique that it will change the way people think and feel about using hearing aids for a number of reasons. We put their claims to the test in our own Optimal Hearing® Trial. In the testimonials from our experienced participants, everyone said that these instruments simply do not sound like hearing aids — it is just clear hearing.

Inside the instrument is Intelliflex multi-core processing, similar to the technology in today’s most advanced computers. Incoming signals (speech and ambient sounds) are analyzed, identified and classified every six milliseconds to adapt the hearing instrument for comfort and clarity. In a space the size of a match head (2.7 X 3.7mm). The scientists managed to fit automatic complex programs that eliminate feedback, optimize speech understanding in noise, and enhance telephone listening. So not only will you hear far clearer than ever before but these instruments are so tiny that very few people will actually realize you are wearing these incredibly advance hearing devices.

Automatic Hearing

Relax. Walk into any situation with complete confidence. Be it one-on-one conversations, walking on a noisy street, around the table conversations in a restaurant or listening to music in a concert hall — you will now be able to enjoy all these events much, much more. Why? Because you can hear so much more clearly than with anything else! These new instruments use a remarkable hearing aid technology called Environmental Noise Classification to enhance the sounds you want to hear and suppress the ones you don’t.

Enjoy TV And Music Again

A new wireless integrated circuit platform, IRISTM Technology, lets you connect directly and wirelessly to most media devices. Now you can stream stereo sound directly from your TV, radio and computer to your hearing aids like headphones.

Optimal Listening On The Phone

Anyone who wears hearing instruments knows that difficulty with phone conversations is one of the main hearing loss problems. Telephone conversations can sometimes be difficult; however, with Automatic Telephone Solutions, these instruments virtually eliminate feedback while automatically adjusting for optimal communication on the telephone.

Pure Natural Clarity

Next, the ingenious ClassiFi system controls noise in five situations: quiet, machine noise, wind, speech in noise, pure noise, and speech. Because your lifestyle is unique, the Optimal Hearing® Professional will preset up to five levels of adaptation for each noise category, which means you will be able to understand speech more clearly and comfortably than ever before.

packs three times more power
than previous technologies
into a space this small…

Doctor Of Audiology Verifies Laboratory Claims

“You could call it ‘a watershed event in hearing correction,’ and based on our patients’ trial experience you would not be wrong,” said Dr. Gabriel Pitt of Optimal Hearing®. Dr. Pitt recently returned from the symposium where hearing science is discussed among peers. The event is held annually in Minneapolis, the “Silicon Valley” of the hearing aid industry. Microscience engineers unveiled Opus before a packed house of hearing specialists. “It was an electrifying presentation,” said Dr. Pitt. “This instrument delivers what it promises. It is the innovation that will revolutionize the way people feel about hearing aids.”

See For Yourself

While everyone has different hearing loss problems, there is an abundance of high-tech hearing aid technology that can help anyone improve their quality of life. If you are interested in seeing how we can help you restore your hearing, contact us or visit one of our locations to receive a free baseline hearing screening.

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