With the new Hearing Advocates Referral Program (HARP), your referrals earn you valuable gifts.

Just fill out the following form to enter. Or, if you would rather, fill out the form, print and mail it to the following address:

Optimal Hearing Systems, Inc.
HARP Program
P.O. Box 6686
Athens, GA 30604

Hearing Advocate Referral Program

Hearing Advocates Referral Program Terms and Conditions: Patients referred must purchase hearing aids from participating Optimal Hearing locations in or to receive rewards. Reward will be distributed 30 days after delivery. Optimal Hearing reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at any time at its discretion.

Not everyone will benefit from hearing aids. Our staff is exceptionally kind and extremely professional as well as practiced in working with people reluctant to admit a hearing impairment. Please do not be discouraged or feel responsible for anyone that refuses help. We have seen people thrive with hearing aids that the family was certain would reject hearing aids. We have seen people reject hearing aids that we thought would thrive. You never know unless you try. We prefer to try and fail to never trying. We want to assure you that we will do our very best to help everyone we can help and we thank you profusely for your referral.