Community groups such as Lions Clubs in Savannah, Roswell, and all across the country have a noble tradition of assisting the hearing impaired. Lions provide help for the hearing impaired through activities such as hearing screenings, hearing aid collection and recycling, and financial assistance for the provision of the hearing aids that Savannah’s hearing-impaired residents rely upon.

Barb May, ACA, has been a strong advocate on behalf of the hearing impaired for years and has used the Roswell Chapter of the Lions Club. She uses her vast knowledge of the hearing mechanism to bring great benefit to the community in which she lives and works. Her great work is central to Optimal Hearing’s core philosophy of helping everyone hear better.

If you or a loved one is showing symptoms of hearing loss, early detection is a key factor in the proper treatment and minimal disruption to one’s quality of life. Many consider hearing loss to be an indication of getting older and are hesitant to have an audiologist confirm that they are indeed suffering from diminished hearing. Optimal Hearing in Savannah provides complete screening and hearing consultations, as well as the full line of hearing aids Savannah residents need to restore their quality of life.

Hearing aids technologies have progressed tremendously in recent years. Using digital signal processors, modern advancements made available in hearing aids Savannah’s Optimal Hearing outlets allow unwanted noises to be filtered out while desired sound and speech is amplified and sent to a speaker. All of this occurs within devices that fit discretely within the ear canal and provide clear, natural, powerful sound. Because digital signal processors are staple parts used in a wide range of electronics, they are widely available and are increasingly playing a vital role in the improvements of hearing aids. Savannah’s hearing impaired residents have many excellent options to diagnose and treat their conditions, so that a normal life is not only possible, but easy!

Doctor of Audiology Gabriel Pitt and the team at Optimal Hearing in Savannah provide the best hearing aids Savannah residents can employ to manage hearing loss. We are the provider of hearing aids Savannah residents trust most, and our reputation for professional care combined with sincere and compassionate customer service is unsurpassed. Visit us today!