Hearing Loss Articles

These Hearing Loss Articles explore how we all should be thinking about the ways our lives are affected before obvious problems arise. Hearing loss affects almost all people in some way. Many of us only begin to think about it when we find ourselves straining to hear during conversations, or we start having pain or buzzing in your ears. The reality is we all should be thinking about our hearing health before these problems arise.

Interested in Becoming an Audiologist?

With graduation season approaching, talking about becoming an audiologist is fitting. What does it take? An audiologist “diagnoses and treats patients suffering from hearing, central auditory processing, and balance disorders” (1). Undergraduate Education: those who enter [...]

When It’s Too Loud To Speak – Noisy Restaurants and Hearing Loss

Do you ever feel like you have to yell at the person across the table at a restaurant? Over the past few years, the noise levels at restaurants have increased sharply. Numerous factors contribute to [...]