Hearing Aid Articles

These hearing aid articles explore the impact that micro technologies have had on the hearing impaired. Hearing aids naturally benefit from effective designs which are small enough to be placed in and around the delicate human inner ear. The best hearing aids to date are available today, and they are only getting better!

Thankful for Hearing Aids

Thankful for hearing aids? Thanksgiving is a day filled with lots of family, food, and thanks. For hearing impaired individuals, the worst part of the day are the conversations. There is a lot of noise, [...]

Children, Bills, and Hearing Aids

Does Insurance Cover Hearing Aids? What your insurance covers is very dependent on the plan you have and the state you live in. When it comes to buying hearing aids, most states’ health insurance companies [...]

How to Travel with Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are special. If you leave them at home, forget the charger/batteries, or forget the needed accessories, you cannot just go to your local supermarket and get what you are missing. Apart from remembering [...]