How To Properly Care For Your Hearing Aids – in 8 simple steps increase the product longevity and save money for the future!

Get Your Money’s Worth Out of Your Hearing Aids

Properly care for you hearing aids with these 8 simple steps. While your lifestyle may be hectic, make time to maintain your hearing aids

Hearing aids are like cars, with the proper maintenance and care strategies, they will last you a lifetime. Properly taking care and maintaining your hearing aids can save you a lot of money and guarantee comfort. You can increase the longevity of your hearing aid with 8 simple steps described below!

1. Turn off when not in use

As simple as turning your hearing aids off when you take a shower or are not using them can preserve the battery. This will not only give your ears a break but also your hearing aids a time to rest from functioning all day. This is also cost efficient because it allows you to get the most use of out your hearing aid batteries.

2. Keep away from direct heat

Do not expose your hearing aid to direct sunlight or heat. This causes premature deterioration of the hearing aid.  So keep your hearing aids away from windows in the home or cars, lamps, and by items that heat up such as hair dryers, stoves, and heaters. Ideal places to keep and store your hearing aids are places that are cool and dry.

3. Handle hearing aids gently

Treat your hearing aids with respect! This means you treat it like your precious cell phone, television, or car. Take care of your hearing aids when you are putting them on or taking them off. When adjusting your hearing aids in public, always make sure you’re in a secure place in case of an accident, like the hearing aids dropping on the floor.

4. Avoid select personal care items

You can reduce the wear and tear on your hearing aids by refraining from using hairsprays, perfumes, lotions, and other cosmetic items that can cause external damage. You do not have to completely stop using these items but just make sure your hearing aids are out of the way when you do. If your hearing aids are exposed to too much of these substances, it can clog sections in your hearing aid. They can also make your hearing aids’ dirty and cause irritation on the ear.

5. Keep clean

As mentioned previously, keeping your hearing aids clean is essential. It is recommended that you clean with a soft cloth or tissue a couple times a day. You want to refrain from using harsh chemicals like rubbing alcohol because those will damage your hearing aids.

6. Avoid direct water

While modern hearing aids are perfectly able to function with a little bit of water, this does not mean they are waterproof. You cannot wear your hearing aids in the shower or in the pool; this will definitely damage them. Double-check your hearing aid manual or consult with your audiologist to see how much amount of water your hearing aid can handle.

7. Use your batteries properly

Make sure you are using the right hearing aid batteries and that they are inserted correctly. Once again, check with your audiologist; they are always more than willing to help! It is also a good idea to have an extra pair of batteries in case of an emergency.

8. Store in a safe place

When you are not using your hearing aids, store them in a safe and reliable environment.  Designate a safe spot so that you can repeatedly go back to the same spot. When choosing this space, make sure to keep your hearing aids out of reach of children, pets, or places that could be easily be thrown in the trash.

If you follow these simple 8 steps you can get the most out your hearing aids! It is also important to discuss your daily lifestyle habits with your audiologist to see if they can give you can advice on the maintenance of your hearing aids.

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