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Snapshot: History of Hearing

History of Hearing: The earliest skeletal remains were believed to have hearing loss were found in Iraqi Kurdistan around 10,000 - 45,000 years ago. Scientists assumed there was hearing loss [...]

Hearing aids and hearing loops

Staying up-to-date on all of the latest information is good, but that is not the type of loop we are going to be talking about! In relation to hearing, a [...]

What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Auditory Processing Disorder, also known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder or simply APD, is a disorder affecting the ability to understand speech. Those with this disorder are not able to [...]

What Are Decibels?

What are Decibels Decibels (dB) are units that are used to measure sound level/intensity. Audiologists use decibels to set hearing aids to the comfort of the user on a scale [...]

Hearing Loss and Dementia

It seems like hearing loss is linked to many different diseases and disorders like balance problems, diabetes, and heart disease, just to name a few. But research shows that there [...]

5 Top Myths About Hearing Loss

With the internet, it is easy to find information on any topic you need. However, you still hear about the common stigmas associated with hearing loss and "aging"; not all [...]

Hearing Loss and Accidental Injury

When individuals have problems with hearing, they also have problems with balance. Our balance is controlled by the Cerebellum located within the brain. Hillary K. Siddons and Frank E. Musiek [...]