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Covid-19 and Hearing Loss

Covid-19 took the world by storm in early 2020. Since then much research has been done on the virus, but still a lot is unknown. Symptoms and long-term effects of [...]

Sudden hearing loss: What to do? 

Typically when people think of hearing loss they think of a slow decline in hearing over time but what happens when hearing loss is sudden? There are many reasons one [...]

 Can Men Have Hearing Loss?

June is known as Men’s Health Month. The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to raise awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of men and [...]

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month

            May is recognized as Better Speech and Hearing Month, BSHM; it is a time to recognize those who administer speech and hearing services as well as bring awareness to the [...]

Auditory Training

Just like you go to the gym to work out your body, your brain also needs to workout. When hearing loss is identified, it is like when you have not [...]

How Much do you Know About Hearing?

Take this short 10-question quiz to see how much you know about hearing! Good luck!

Can Children have a Hearing Loss?

When most people think of hearing loss, they think of hearing loss which occurs from age, called presbycusis. But can other populations of people like children have hearing loss? So [...]

How Lucky is Your Hearing?  

Sometimes it is difficult to tell when your hearing has gotten worse. You do things like turning up the volume or lip reading to offset the hearing loss. This can [...]