Help your patients enjoy a greater quality of life and prevent hearing-related complications by partnering with Optimal Hearing. We offer you access to specialized clinical hearing services, quality products, and outstanding customer support at no extra cost to you or your patients.

Make your practice more credible with hearing specialists

Optimal Hearing is a group of audiologists with a wide range of hearing experience and expertise. We are on a mission to improve the quality of life of your patients with specialized consulting services, comprehensive hearing evaluations, and effective hearing aid management. With a team of professionals like us on your side, you can establish your practice as the go-to, reliable source of hearing services anywhere in the U.S.

Make Hearing a Priority with Your Audiology Partner Optimal Hearing

Make Hearing a Priority with Your Audiology Partner Optimal Hearing

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Zero disruption to your existing workflow

The Optimal Hearing model is made for professional healthcare practices that seek a high standard of excellence for their patients. That’s why we maintain a proven track record of stable service integration and management. We have the resources and experience to deliver on our promise of high-quality audiology services, so you don’t have to worry about investing in sound booths or additional equipment to get us onboard.

All-inclusive services that suit your practice’s standards

PHN specializes in providing a comprehensive solution to your patients, so they don’t have to look elsewhere. From scheduling hearing tests, reviewing test results, and giving access to the best-in-class audiology devices to recommending a suitable treatment program for their needs, we do everything to ensure your patients are 100% satisfied with our care and your practice.

When we work with your patients, we leave no stone unturned!

Everything great at no additional cost to you or your patients

We serve thousands of patients by partnering with healthcare providers across the U.S. and none of them are required to pay us for our services. Neither you nor your patients pay us anything. No, we don’t charge your patient’s insurance provider, either.

You earn from your patients via your regular consultation fee and we earn from the turnkey hearing aids that we prescribe to your patients in case they choose to buy.

Experience the Optimal Hearing difference in your patient care

When you partner with Optimal Hearing, you sign up with an established group of hearing experts that have unlimited access to the latest technology in audiology. The care you provide your patients with when working with us can help you maintain a good reputation among your audience. It can let them see you in a positive light for being a practice that cares about their well-being enough to give them access to specialized care.

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