Hearing Aid SpecialistThe mission of a qualified hearing aid specialist is simply to help determine if you are suffering from hearing loss, the extent of your hearing impairment, and the Optimal Hearing Aid or hearing instrument to correct your condition. By focusing solely on the issue of hearing and hearing loss, a hearing aid specialist accumulates expertise, gradually building on his or her understanding of the nuances of hearing impairment as they relate to each individual, thereby treating each condition with professionalism and confidence.

If you suspect that you’ve incurred some degree of hearing loss for whatever reason, seek out a local hearing aid specialist for testing. Qualified audiologists will work in tandem with otolaryngologists (ENT or “ear-nose-throat” doctors) to provide patients with referrals for further evaluation and treatment. Just as every single human ear is different, hearing impairment conditions and their appropriate treatments vary from individual to individual. A hearing aid specialist will not only be able to determine the extent of your hearing loss, but also fit you with the best hearing aid device for your particular needs, and show you how to operate it, thus restoring maximum normalcy to your daily routine.

Since 1961, the hearing aid specialists at Optimal Hearing® have been listening to and treating the needs of hearing loss sufferers throughout Georgia and South Carolina. By combining old-fashioned, compassionate customer care with the latest advances in hearing aid technologies, we’ve developed a reputation for being the best hearing specialists in town.  Whether for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to schedule a free baseline hearing screening with us today. We also offer more comprehensive hearing tests, with flexible hours and multiple convenient locations to serve you! Call Optimal Hearing® today! We look forward to hearing from you!